This site is a link between students, teachers and parents for all Year 9 classes at Mount Aspiring College. It is managed by the librarian and teachers.

Click on relevant class tab to find the link to your child’s e-portfolio.

It is still in trial mode, but we endeavour to have homeworks posted here so that you can follow the class progress if you wish.

Why are we doing this?

This document from the Ministry of Education details advantages and outcomes of e-portfolios. In short:

  • Research has shown that students perform better when their work is published for all to see rather than quickly done for the teacher;
  • We use the natural attraction of students to computers and online community for teaching and learning purposes.
  • E-portfolios are part of an essential skill in the 21st century, in using the Internet efficiently and purposefully.
  • They are also the occasion to talk about social media behaviours and digital citizenship.
  • Last but not least, social medias are changing the game of the world influence, giving people a voice and the chance to actually make a change in society, which is one of the Social Studies aims.

E-portfolio are totally part of the New Zealand Curriculum, encouraging excellence and confidence, promoting connectedness and participation, in diversity and equity, and teaching integrity and respect. All five key competencies are  involved: thinking, using languages, managing self and relating to others, participating and contributing.

Please leave a message for any comment or inquiry.


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