Term Two

Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Welcome back to the Year 9 Blog

Our Year Nine theme for this term is “Law and Rules.” We will be focusing on the need for both in terms of governments/society past and present.  Also, how laws and rules are necessary, to help solve mathematical problems and to explain the scientific world.

Social Science will learn about different systems of government and how they operate. As the anniversary of WW1 has begun this year, we will also look at some aspects in relation to New Zealand’s history.

Students are initially finishing Number. However, the big focus in Mathematics is a stand-alone unit on Algebra – this is largely a new strand for the year nines and will require persistence in order to master a lot of new ideas and algebraic rules.

In Science the student focus will be on the properties and structure of matter (atoms, elements, compounds) leading into lots of exciting practical chemistry work in the labs.

English will see most students study a dystopian novel called “Tomorrow When The War Began” which looks at teenagers who are forced outside their comfort zones and who must learn to cope with adversity when their society falls apart. One of the main tasks linked to this novel study will be the writing and delivering of a monologue.  Essay writing will also be taught.

Current homework:

  • Weekly spelling lists of science/mathematics vocabulary and personal errors.
  • Maths homework workbook.
  • Science homework workbook.
  • Reading daily.
  • Novel study activities.


Mathematics tutorials run every day at lunchtime – timetables in the school newsletters  and around the school.

Senior students are running a homework club from 3:30-4:30 on Wednesdays in R21. Called the Macademic Club a small but focussed team came to the first session last week and received help with their studies. They also loved the hot chocolate/tea and choice of three biscuit varieties provided to help with energy levels.



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