Term 1 2014

The theme for the term is “Our Place” and we will be focusing the Central Otago area as an inspiration for our English, Science, Social Science and Maths. Across all subject areas we will look at “How studying our community; past and present helps us plan into the future?”

In Science the students will be investigating the function of plants, native plant adaptations and ecology, which will culminate in our camp at Tititea (East Matukituki). Oral histories, learning interview techniques and creative writing using our wonderful area as inspiration; will be the focus in English. Mathematics will cover number and using statistics to help with field studies at camp and a local stream. Social Science is centred on local history from early Maori to the present day.
Work recently completed:

Local Study: English/Social Science/Mathematics/Science

9CD Camp Tititea photographs

Upcoming  assessments:


Current homework:

  • Weekly spelling lists of science vocabulary and personal errors.
  • Maths workbook.
  • Reading daily.
  • Completing tasks from the integrated programme.

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